Thermosyphon Solar Geyser System

This is the most popular system where a new geyser and solar panel is fitted on the roof.

This geyser operates exactly like your existing electrical geyser, except that the sun heats the water during the day. It comes standard with a timer that only come on, twice a day, at set times to determine the water temperature and if the need arrives it will switch on the element to heat the water. The timer can be bypassed if necessary.

  • Tank and Solar Panel Included. SABS approved
  • Full Installation including 12m pipe and fittings.(Gauteng)
  • Electric Back-up (Thermostat, Element and Electric Timer)
  • All pipes are lagged so they can’t freeze in winter.
  • No pumps are used with this system.
  • 5 Year Guarantee.

Free Geyserwise controller with every installation!

East Rand Solar Geyserwise Hot Water Controller Square

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